Immersion into virtual reality is a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world.

The Grand Karlibach hotel presents a verity of experiences that will take you on a journey through the hotel’s darkest rooms and reveal the memories and secret left behind.

Create your own pace in a multi-angled experience , encounter the residents and combine logic with strategy to reveal the hotel’s darkest corridors…

The Grand Karlibach hotel’s opening dates to early 1875 and it was considered to be one of the best and luxurious of it’s time.
Many celebrities and well known characters occasionally checked in to the hotel, but with time,  
mysterious tales and rumours started to spread.
Rumours, that despite many attempts of passing guests could not be resolved .
It seems that the residence can’t quite let the hotel’s glory days fade away.
Only through them lies the entrance to the roaring twenties...

In order to confirm your booking you will be asked to pay a 100 ils deposit

(It will be subtracted from the total amount)

 In case of a cancellation, you will be refunded in 1-3 buisness days

In case you don't show us, the deposit will carry the cost

Remember; The experience is not recommended to pregnant women

and people with heart desease

We recommend you to dress comfortably

And sorry ladies, NO HEELS ALLOWED


week days

2 people - 400 NIS

3 people - 450 NIS
4 people - 520 NIS
5 people - 600 NIS
6 people - 660 NIS


2 people - 430 NIS

3 people - 480 NIS
4 people - 560 NIS
5 people - 650 NIS
6 people - 720 NIS

Please pick a date and time - For hours after 00:00 go to next day 

15% discount
for soldiers


for students

Physical strength and good health are required during the Performance



The performance may require medium physical strength that includes crawling, jumping or falling.


The performance is video taped at all times.


The performance is not a quest.

It has a small amount of riddles and the point is to experience a real life fictional situation. 


The length of the performance is about one hour, but remember, the point is in the experince - not the speed.


The entrance to the performance is not allowed with: keys, bags/purses, ties, heels, necklases, watches, cellphones and any other sharp objects.


In order to play our performance, there is no need to use physical strength, push or block the actors, everything that happens inside the hotel,

happens for a reason.


The performance is not a computer game, there is no need to cut wires or break objects in order to get out. Please, do your best to not make any permanent changes inside.


The actors and providers have the right to stop any game in case of violence towards themselves or the hotel. 


Residents of the hotel

Meet the residents of the hotel